Steps To Take To Keep Your Gutters Clean This Fall Gutter cleaning done in time is essential for making sure your home is prepared for the rainy and the snowy season – without proper cleaning, your gutters can become clogged, which can cause extensive water damage in your walls, even in your foundation and failing gutters are often the culprits for the roofing damage caused by ice dams in winter as well. If you want to avoid all these issues, here is how to clean your gutters this fall:
  • Remove all the debris that has accumulated inside the gutter pipes and the downspouts – go up on a ladder, if you’re not up to it, have the Fayetteville roofing companies do the work, otherwise take a stiff brush and a bucket with you and scoop out all the dead leave, twigs, bird and rodent nests and droppings that you find;
  • Perform a careful evaluation of the situation – inspect the gutters and the downspouts inch by inch. Look for signs of damage, such as rust, corrosion, cracks, dents and sagging and repair the issues that you find or hire a roofer to repair them.
If you want to keep debris away from your gutters in the future, you can install leaf guards inside or on your gutter pipes – they protect the gutters not only from debris, but from other kinds of damage as well, prolonging their life and making your home safer.