Roof Tips Roof maintenance is required on a regular basis by Bentonville roofing companies that are licensed, especially before the spring and before the autumn hits. So the end of August and the beginning of September should naturally be considered two of the most significant times when roof maintenance has to be used to the best of its advantages.   Drains, vents and gutters have probably already gathered a lot of dust and stray debris over the summer. One of the first tasks you have to focus on is to, therefore, clear these areas so that your roof can be properly ventilated and rainwater can be properly cleared once the waterworks start in the fall season.   Another important task has to do with checking for minor defects and damages, such as whether the flashing is damaged in some areas or the chimney has to be repaired. Additionally, make sure you make a note of any damaged shingles and fasteners you might discover, so you or your roofers can deal with the issue later on.   Popped nails, small broken ridges and any other type of mechanical damage should also be fixed before September arrives. Failure to do so could leave your home exposed to the elements and vulnerable to hail, thunderstorms, wind and even regular rainfall.