How To Spot Storm Damage Roofing Contractor Help Are you wondering about the condition of your roof? In many cases, storm damage can affect the roof quite extensively, and in other cases the damage is subtle. So let’s take a look at what is needed to hopefully prevent or at least spot the damage in time, before it causes too many long term problems:  
  • There might be visible signs of damage, in which case all you need to do to spot it is climb on top of your home and check the roof through a quick visual inspection. The most serious damage you might find will include severe flashing damage and broken or missing shingles.
  • You could spot leaks in the attic, but there might not be any immediately visible signs of what could cause the leak. This happens in some cases when storms are mild and the roof is somewhat older and more prone to damage. This type of storm damage usually requires a closer inspection or the expertise of a professional roofer.
  • In some cases, storm damage can only be seen clearly over a longer period of time. Your roof might have been affected by a storm a while ago, and there might not even be any leaks or other noticeable problems. However, once you start stripping away the shingles for a roof repair or replacement job, you could find extensive water damage to the decking and underlayment. Spotting such issues will require regular maintenance and yearly roof inspections by a qualified Fort Smith roofing contractor.