how to stop roof leak roofing companies services If your roof is leaking after a big storm, you must know what to do to stop the leak at least temporary, until a professional roofer comes in and make the necessary repairs. You must not wait to do this because a roof leak will never fix itself and there are dangers waiting too much. You must not assume that a small water stain on your ceiling is not a serious problem, because water infiltration is THE most serious problem of a roof. So, are you experienced such a problem, your first concern should be containing the leak.  Grab a recipient place it under site of the suspected leak. Next, you should check the roof and try to determine whether the leak was caused by roof damage or another issue that can be fixed much easily (e.g. clogged gutters). If the roof is damaged in deed and if you feel confident about climbing it, cover its exterior surface with a large tarp.  However if you feel unsafe doing this, you must contact a professional roofer.  Many Fayeteville roofing companies provide emergency services and they will arrive quickly at your door to contain the leak and minimize the indoor damage. Specialists will also tell you what the best course of action is and can help you with your insurance claim.