Roofing Companies Can Help Lower Utility Bills The condition and the material of your roof influences the amount of energy that you need to maintain the temperature inside your home stable and comfortable, thus your roof is an essential component that will decide how much you will pay for your energy throughout the year. Here is how:
  • Reflective features – the ability of your roof to reflect the sun’s rays is essential for maintaining your building cool in summer. Roofs that can reflect most of the solar radiation that they are exposed to don’t heat up as much as the roofs that absorb solar heat, therefore they transfer less heat towards the building interior;
  • Thermal insulation features – ideally, your roof also forms an efficient thermal barrier between the building interior and the outside environment, thus preventing the escape of heated air from your rooms in winter, which will reduce the amount of money you need to spend on heating;
  • The color of your roof – roof color is an often neglected, but very important factor that can affect your utility bills as well and should be maintained by licensed Fort Smith roofing companies for results. Hot climates need light-colored roofs that reflect solar radiation, while the buildings in cold climates should use darker roofs that absorb more solar heat.