Roofing Companies Repair Ice Damage Gutters   You’ll often find Bentonville roofing companies experts say that ice and gutters don’t mix well, especially during winters that feature changing temperatures and near instant freezing. As the freeze sets in, water that has been lingering on your roof as a result of a clogged or damaged gutter system can freeze quite quickly, giving rise to ice dams and putting enormous pressure on your roof and home, especially if it also starts snowing.   A clogged system of gutters will prevent water from flowing down after it rains in the fall. Early snow can also melt on occasion and then become ice after the freeze, once it is trapped between the gutters and the taller areas of your roof. This freezing action will then form ice dams that can be extremely problematic in the long run.   Preventing ice dams requires a great deal of foresight. You’ll have to check your gutters before the freeze sets in or during warmer periods. Even after your roof was covered by snow, clearing the snow and checking for gutter damage and clogged gutters should also be one of your main priorities.   A dry roof and a functioning gutter system will be the key to preventing ice dams and making sure your roof stays in good condition throughout the freezing winter months.