roofing december experienced companies   Before you consider setting up a new roof, it’s very important to think about the weather as well as the climate present in the area you live in. Arkansas is typically dominated by cold temperature, but isn’t usually associated with freezing temperatures below 32°F. Even close to the end of December, when temperatures can get very low during the night, it rarely happens that the freeze would set in. This gives roofers an incentive to market their services almost all year round. December being a time when most homeowners tend to focus more on decorating their homes and setting up their Christmas trees, you might find it to be an opportune period for finding good deals and installing a new roof for a bargain price. As temperatures are still low – typically ranging between 55 degrees during the day and 40 degrees at night – you still need to be careful when handling such materials as roofing cement and sealant, which can easily be affected by lower temperatures so that they won’t do their job properly. Your best choice is to contact one of the experienced Bentonville roofing companies and ask whether they would recommend starting such an extensive roofing project in this period. Their decision will likely be based not only on the weather, but on the types of roofing materials to be used as well.