Roofing projects summer heat Even though it is recommended that you consider roof replacement in warmer weather, when there’s no precipitation, it’s fine to have your roof replaced in very hot weather. The main problem is that intense sunlight can lead to severe dehydration and a number of other health hazards and roofers need to take more precautions to keep hydrated and protected during this season.   Working on your roof in the scorching sun is definitely a time to keep your body covered and well hydrated. While you might think that roofers have special equipment that can protect them from the sun, the fact is that the contrary is usually true. Roofers work in hot weather all the time, and enforce safety and dress appropriately with their roofing projects as part of their job requirements.   The best course of action is to wait for the weather to cool off before attempting such a difficult and long project by yourself. Unlike a quick roof fix, a full roof replacement can last for days, and complications can arise that might extend the time even further. So, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry and hire a professional Bentonville roofing contractor who knows how to safely work in the hot weather. You can also make sure you check the weather forecast for the upcoming days, so you’ll know whether to plan the project or not. A little planning goes a long way towards helping you get your work done without any unwanted consequences.