It's Spring Time Roofing Projects Home Exterior Many experts consider Spring to be a great time to install various upgrades for your home. Although this isn’t true all the time, it can be quite helpful to have the weather warm and stabilized when you’re trying to install a new roof.   Roof replacement can be a pretty big job. It’s not like fixing a gate or replacing a piece of siding. Replacing your old roof might need to involve stripping off all the shingles, performing extensive repairs on the interior structure and then spending a considerable amount of time making sure that every element of the new roof is installed properly. In many cases, the incompatibility between the old decking and the new roof installation can lead to a lot of additional difficulties.   As such, when Spring comes, the temperatures rise above freezing, and roofers can use their roofing cement and other materials more easily, there is a far better chance of success at installing the new roof properly. Moreover, the improved safety of working in the Spring and even the comfort and stability of the season when compared to the excessive summer heat and the increased precipitation of autumn, will make Spring probably the best season when you can actually consider a complex roof replacement job from