Roofing Contractor New Roof Installation New roofs might be stronger than older structures, but they do need the same maintenance as aged, more fragile roofs. Here are some tasks that you need to perform on your new roof:
  • Semi-annual inspections and cleaning – roofs need to be checked and cleaned every six months, once in spring to detect any harm caused by winter and again in fall, to prepare the roof for the cold months. The inspection must always go hand in hand with cleaning to remove any debris from the roof surface as well as from the gutters and the downspouts;
  • Timely repairs – any fault detected during your Bentonville roofing contractor inspections need to be remedied in a timely manner. New roofs are very strong, so the issues that you will find are likely to be minor and easy to fix;
  • Tree maintenance – if you have any large trees around your building, regular tree inspections and the trimming of any dead branches is essential for the safety of your roof. Weakened or diseased branches are brittle and any wind can tear them and drop them onto the roof – fortunately, the issue can be prevented, with proper attention paid to the tall vegetation on your property.