Do you want to have a garage both functional and presentable? First, you can think of it as a good place for various activities, not just for keeping your car in a protected environment. Surely, the garage will be mainly used for car related activities, but crafts, exercising, or meetings with friends represent activities that can also be organized in such a place. One of the important aspects you will need to consider is choosing the right floor. Remember that the garage is the place with the heaviest and most intense traffic from around your home. In most of the cases, you will see garage pictures that have a gray glossy floor finish. This type of flooring is obtained with paints based on epoxy resin and is probably the most common garage flooring solution. However, it is not the only option. If you prefer a more refined decor, also suitable for when the place changes quickly into a social environment, you can opt for porcelain tiles or klinker tiles. Many ceramic producing companies have special collections of flooring materials, with attractive and very durable designs. The same resistance and durability can be found in floors covered with microtoppings, acidified concrete or decorative epoxy resins. Surprising and resistant, microtopping floors are made of special cement, modified by the addition of polymers, and are applied in very thin layers. The finish is very smooth, durable, decorative, with non-slip properties and comes in many colors.  The quality Bentonville roofing companies such as Richardson Roofing agree there is nothing like the installation of durable long lasting products for the state of Arkansas.