Gutter screens can be extremely handy when you live in an area where leaves, branches and other debris, as well as pests or excessive rainfall can end up testing the structural integrity of your gutters. Following are some of the main advantages of gutter guards or screens:


  1. They can stop leaves, branches and other types of unwanted debris from clogging or damaging your gutters. In the process they prevent the need for frequent gutter cleaning and prolong the lifespan of your gutters as well.  Bentonville roofing companies concludes gutter screens help maintain the integrity of your home’s roof.
  2. Gutter screens can also prevent gutters from premature rusting, since there is no more excess moisture from debris that gets stuck in your gutters.
  3. If you have a rainwater tank you can be sure that the gutter screens will have it filled up more quickly and easily.
  4. Insects and other pests will be prevented from breeding in your gutters. A lot of infestations start this way, and the small expense of adding gutter screens can be a great benefit when it comes to avoiding the hassle of calling the exterminator once every few months.
  5. Finally, one of the best advantages of gutter screens or gutter guards is that, once they are installed, they will only require you to have your gutters cleaned once every 2-3 years, instead of twice every year.


Gutter guards are also easy to install, and a professional service can have them set up in no time. All you have to do is call your local contractors, and they can easily provide you with a good offer.