Ask The Roofing Companies The Right Roof Inspection Questions When you hire a roofing specialist to inspect your roof, you really should take an active role in the inspection process. There are many people who prefer to stay away because they are unsure about what to ask; don`t be one of them! There is no need to feel bad for asking questions even if you do not have roofing knowledge or experience. It is your roof after all. You must be sure that the person who inspects it is a specialist you can trust and that you get adequate information from them. Before the beginning of the inspection process, ask the inspector about his/ her credentials. You must ensure that you are dealing with one of the licensed and insured Fort Smith roofing companies, otherwise his/ her so-called expertise means nothing and will bring you no real benefits. Ask the specialist about the stages of the inspection. Which are the parts of the roof they will focus on? If the inspection reveals no problem, ask about potential vulnerabilities and how can they be properly addressed. Will the inspector also provide photo documentation? Make sure you get a roof inspection report in writing, detailing the observations, analysis and infrared scans, providing diagrams outlining problem areas, photos, recommendations, repair costs, as well as an estimation of the remaining lifespan of the roof.