Questions To Ask About Roofing Materials The material that you use on your roof is essential for ensuring the roof is durable, attractive and energy-efficient, so here are some factors that you should find out about before picking your roofing material:
  • The geographic region where your home is located – when picking your roof material, you need to consider the weather conditions that your roof will have to endure. If your area gets lots of hail, choose an impact-resistant product, if you live in a fire-prone area, get a material that has a high fire-resistance rating, such as metal, while in very cold or very hot areas, choose a material that offers enhanced energy-efficiency, such as clay;
  • Aesthetics – the color and the shape of your roofing material need to match the style of your building and it also needs to fit into the style of the neighborhood;
  • Roof structure – the materials used for building flat roofs are entirely different from the materials suitable for high-pitched roofs;
  • Local requirements and building codes – your choice in terms of your roofing material will need to take into consideration local building codes as well as residential community covenants that lay out the range of acceptable materials, especially if you live in a gated community, a licensed Bentonville roofing contractor housed locally will know and work with the requirements.