Missing Shingles Richardson Roofing Repair Needed If you notice that a few asphalt shingles are missing from the roof, do not worry: it happens, especially after a storm, and they are quite easy to replace. However, you must move quickly, to prevent water infiltrations following the next rain. Contact a roofing contractor or, if you are skilled and have some basic tools and protective equipment, you can attempt to replace the missing shingles by yourself. You must start by purchasing new shingles of the exact same color as those on the roof. Then check the other shingles around the missing one, as they might be loose too, in which case you may have to replace them as well. Remove the existing nails and clean the remaining dry sealant, to prepare the area for sliding the new shingle into position. Once you do this, nail it and then re-nail the overlying shingles. You will also have to reseal the shingles. For this, you need a bit of asphalt roof cement that must be applied along the shingle`s length, as well as on adjacent shingles that may have had their sealant bond separated too. It is highly recommended to replace missing asphalt shingles on a warm and sunny day, because the sealant needs warmth to dry properly and fast. If you have an emergency and need to do this repair project during the cold season, you should better hire a pro like Richardson Roofing.