New Roof For The New Year Maintaining the roof on your home is a never-ending, continuous chore – there is always something that needs to get done around a house and that something often involves tasks related to roof maintenance. Here are some of the most important things that you need to do to make sure your roof stays strong for as long as possible:
  • Cleaning – the debris carried by the wind and the leaves and twigs that fall on your roof from the trees around your house are your roof’s worst enemies – the dirt absorbs rain water and the melted snow and damages the roofing cover underneath. Whenever you see that dirt has accumulated on your roof or at least every 6 months, go up there and remove all the dust and other debris not only from the surface of the roof, but from the gutters as well. During snowy winters, it is essential to clean away the snow as well – snow and ice can get very heavy and they might bring your roof to breaking point;
  • Timely repairs – have one of the thorough Fort Smith roofing companies perform a detailed inspection of your roof every 6 months and address all the issues that you find. If you take proper care of your roof, you will probably not find any serious faults, but damaged shingles, cracked tiles, rusty, clogged or sagging gutters need to be fixed right when they are noticed.