Leave Difficult Matters To The Professionals It is very difficult to build a roof, but it is even harder to fix it. Why? Because, in many cases, the money you must pay for repairs could be saved, by initially investing in better and more durable materials. If you buy a house that was inhabited before, it is necessary to hire a specialist, to evaluate the roof and offer you a correct diagnosis about what you have got. Here are the most common repairs that must be performed by new homeowners. Waterproofing issues Lacking or poor hydro insulation is one of the first problems the new owners must deal with. Waterproofing the roof is typically done using a special membrane and problems occur when this membrane is damaged or not installed correctly. Cover materials Regardless the roof type and the cover materials, problems will occur eventually, especially if the roof is not new. There are materials that resist for more than 5 decades, in different climatic conditions, but there are also materials that degrade significantly sooner. Damaged or missing roof cover materials should be replaced as soon as possible. Other common problems are related to gutters and downspouts. New homeowners must inspect them and repair them before the arrival of rainy seasons or the winter, otherwise the water will not be properly carried away from the building and will infiltrate, causing significant damage.  Truly it’s best to have one of the professional Bentonville roofing companies conduct the inspection.   If the gutter system is too old and degraded, it must be replaced.