Roofing Contractor Fall Maintenance Roofing List Fall is the period for fixing any damage caused by the hot months as well as the time for preparing he roof for he challenges of the upcoming winter for homeowners as well as the local Fayetteville roofing contractor – here are some tasks to be tackled:
  • Roof cleaning and inspection – the summer months leave behind lots of dust and debris on the roof, all of which needs to be removed to ensure the proper functioning of the roof. Use a blower, then a garden hose to clean the roof surface, remove the debris that has accumulated inside your gutter pipes, then inspect the roof to identify any issues that need your attention. If you find any faults, fix them before the cold weather settles in
  • Coat the roof – if the material that your roof is made from needs protection through coating, the fall is the best time to add he fresh layer of protective coating. Find the coating that best suits your goals – there are products that improve the roof’s water-resistance, others protect the roof from the harmful effects of solar radiation – and apply it the way specified on the product label. Be aware that roof coating needs to be reapplied every couple of years, so pay attention to that aspect as well.