Hailstorm pictures roofing company inspection   Hail storms can do quite some damage if your roof is old or weak. Also, depending on the materials that your roof is built from, such a storm can cause quite a bit of damage, as materials like wood, asphalt shingle and even some metals, can succumb to powerful impacts.   Even if your roof is somewhat resilient, however, it is always prudent to not underestimate the destructive power of an upcoming storm. If you checked the weather forecast, and you saw that there is chance of hail later in the day, it’s best to take some pictures of your roof and make sure the time stamp is included. You can even make a video with the same prerequisite, to make sure you have footage right before the storm.   Once the storm hits, there’s no guarantee that your roof will be undamaged. The cost to repair it might be extensive. As such, if you know your insurance covers at least some roofing damage, you’ll want to have evidence that your roof was actually damaged during the storm. So, after taking the pictures and after the storm passes, inspect your roof for damage, take pictures as soon as you can, and even consider having a professional roofer at https://www.richardsonroofing.com over for an inspection, to make sure that your findings are confirmed.