severe storm wind damage richardson roofing services The weather in Arkansas isn’t all that bad during most times of the year. Of course, if you just moved to Bentonville from an area where the climate conditions are fairly balanced and tame, then you might notice that there are stronger storms and sometimes they can actually wreak havoc on your roof if you haven’t taken some measures to prevent that.   Wind damage is a real problem in Arkansas, and it’s why a lot of roofers actually recommend that homeowners try to install metal and concrete roofs instead of flimsy asphalt shingles or wood shakes. The idea is to install the most durable and heavy shingles and tiles, so that the wind can’t blow them away even if they’re pretty damaged.   If you have an asphalt shingle roof in Bentonville AR, you should definitely worry about your roof being affected by storm and wind damage. Broken and missing shingles are pretty common here, and you could find yourself having to repair your roof a few times every year.   To avoid all that, consider hiring a dependable Bentonville roofer at to advise you on the best roof for your budget and actually get started in replacing your old roof with one that will not cause you as many headaches.