Roofing And Heat Loss The roof has a double purpose: weatherproof and aesthetic. It must protect the interior space from the elements, maintaining adequate thermal comfort by preventing heat loss in the cold season as well as heat accumulation in summer and protect the entire structure of the building. Its appearance is also important because a beautiful roof that complements successfully the other exterior elements and makes the building stand out has the potential to increase the value of the property. A damaged roof is always an emergency, no matter how insignificant the damage may look like. Sometimes, roof damage is not easily observable and this is why you should schedule periodic inspections that must be performed by a roofing specialist like Richardson Roofing. Here are some of the warning signs indicating that your roof may have some problems that require your immediate attention:
  • there is mold formation on the ceiling and walls, especially in the upper rooms
  • there are high levels of humidity in the house, which creates condensation and negatively affects the air quality
  • the energy bills are higher, for apparently no reason
  • there is a persistent and specific damp odor in the house
  • you notice shingle granules in the gutters or scattered around the house.