Roofing Contractor Roofing Tools Getting the right gear and tools that you need to repair your roof is something you have to think about before each DIY job. Whether you just want to remove and replace a slate or asphalt shingle, or you’re planning a more complex project, the following advice should be able to help you.   The first thing you need to address is safety. Do you have the means to climb on top of your steep roof and work on it unhindered? For that purpose, getting a sturdy ladder and harness, as well as accessories such as a ridge hook to help you fasten your ladder to the  ridge more securely, should be first on your list.  If you can’t be safe, then it is best to hire Bentonville roofing contractor who always puts safety first.   Tools such as slate rippers and restoration hammers will be required if you plan on a hands on approach and you don’t want to just use regular tools. These advanced tools are typically designed for roofing work, and will withstand the amount of tension required to disconnect a shingle or slate tile from your roof and to punch nails accurately. Also, you’ll want a slate cutter if the pieces that you’re using to replace your shingles aren’t quite the right size.   Finally, you’ll need to think about copper and stainless hooks that can be used to replace broken or damaged shingles. These hooks often provide a simple means to fasten the new shingle, without having to use any equipment fancier than a basic hammer.