Steps To Finding The Best   If you must do a roofing project, you need to select a reliable contractor, able to provide quality work for your money. The roof is probably the most important area of your house, considering that it protects the entire building from the elements, so you cannot risk leaving it in unprofessional hands. If you want to choose the best Fort Smith roofing contractor, make sure to follow these steps.
  1. Make a list with a few roofing companies in your area
Always evaluate multiple candidates, to be able to make a comparison.
  1. Check their business licenses
The roofing contractor that you hire must be licensed in your state. To verify this detail, you can visit the Contractor’s Licensing website or the local Department of Professional Regulation.
  1. Make sure the contractors on your list have a local business address, as well as a tax identification number
  2. Check the contractors’ insurances
Any professional roofer must carry liability coverage, as well as worker’s compensation that cover the entire period of the project.
  1. Use the website of the Better Business Bureau, to check contractors` reputation
  2. Ask each roofing company a list of past clients that you can contact for more information
  3. Meet with representatives of each roofing companies and talk your project in details
Obtain written proposals or estimates and make sure you have the time to review them, before signing a contract.