Roof Leak Repair

Although roofs are designed to protect against all kind of weather phenomena, they are not infallible and water may find its way to the living space, causing interior damage. A rainy day is often the moment when we realize that we have a roof leak. Once the unpleasant discovery has been made, there is no time to contemplate or wait until the rain stops.

The first thing you must do is find one of the best Fort Smith roofing companies and arrange a roofing inspection as soon as possible. However, in the meantime, you must do something to stop the leak temporarily and prevent further damage.

First, you need to minimize interior damage. If water found multiple routes, identify the wettest spot on the ceiling, poke a little hole in the middle of it and collect the draining water using a bucket or another similar recipient.

The next thing to do is trying to locate the source of the leak. Do not climb the roof, but go in the attic and identify wet areas as well as broken or missing shingles.

Until specialists arrive, you can use roofing cement or roofing tape to control the leak. These materials can be found in any home improvement store and must be applied to the inside of the roof.