Arkansas has humid subtropical climate, with hot and wet summers and a little bit drier, mild winters and is also known for frequent storms and extreme weather events that are very harsh on roofs. The most common roofing materials used in the area are shingles, but the harsh climate makes only certain types of shingle suitable for homes and for commercial or industrial facilities in Arkansas – here are the best varieties:
  • Algae resistant shingles – developed especially for hot and moist regions where roofs are exposed to the damage caused by moss and algae growth, these special types of asphalt shingles have copper granules mixed with the normal granules that cover the surface of the shingles to prevent algae,
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  • Metal shingles – only the most resistant and durable shingles can withstand the storms, the winds and the hail that hits Arkansas so frequently and metal shingles meet all these climate-related requirements,
  • Composition shingles – a lightweight, but durable roofing solution, composition shingles use multiple layers of material that include a weathering-grade layer, a mat for reinforcement made from resistant fiberglass, mineral granules on the top surface and an adhesive strip on the bottom to make sure the shingles resist any weather and are securely fastened to the roof.
The best way to find out what roofing product is good for your home, is to contact a Fayetteville roofing contractor with product knowledge, as they have much experience in working with all the different types of roofing materials.