Richardson Roofing Trends Home Roof Trends Modern roofing trends tend to differ from what you’d expect from a roof in the past. As technology continues to advance and roofing contractors find new ways to build roofs and add upgrades that didn’t used to make as much sense as they do today, the best roofing trends of 2020 require a bit more consideration than those of past years.   The main thing to look for in 2020 is a more modern design and shape when it comes to the manufacturing and construction of well-known roofing systems and materials. Look for roofs that have a more futuristic as well as practical design, and which are shaped in proportion with the latest standards regarding hurricane-proof construction and roofs that are designed to do well in thunderstorms and hail storms.   Insulation and coating are also two elements you should be looking for. Proper insulation in places where winter temperature get lower than average is growing in popularity, while roof coatings that are more capable of keeping UV and water damage at bay are especially well-known in the commercial roofing sector.   If you want the most recent updates on 2020 roofing trends, you can also contact your local roofing experts Richardson Roofing in Arkansas and ask them what they believe the best trends are for your particular area.