roofing companies flashing installation The flashing installed wherever two roofing sections meet or around roof openings plays an essential protective role, reinforcing the roof underneath and preventing water from penetrating the roof. While buying flashing made from high-quality materials is very important, so is correct installation – here is why quality and professional mounting need to go hand in hand:
  • The material is key for resistance and reliability – flashing stripes come in many material varieties, including zinc, copper, aluminum, stone-coated and rubberized materials. Each option comes with different features, offering different performance in terms of durability and resistance. To make sure that your flashing is made from the right material, consider the type of exposure that it needs to withstand – for example, if you get a lot of hail in your area, pick an impact-resistant variety;
  • The importance of professional installation – flashing installation seems simple (after all, you only need the flashing stripes and an adequate material for the fastening process), but in many cases, the correct installation requires specialized tools, knowledge and experience. The best way to ensure all that is by turning to one of the professional Bentonville roofing companies to install your flashing for you – roofing expert know exactly how to handle the different materials and they also own the right tools for the process.