Roofing Warranties And Product Installation Reccomendations When it comes to construction, there are many issues that need to be solved and lots of aspects to juggle with, that’s why roof warranties often get neglected. However, the documents to prove that the quality of materials used during the construction project and the quality of the workmanship are essential and they are never to be neglected – here is why roofing warranties are so important. If you are faced with a roofing issue and you want to submit an insurance claim to obtain compensation, you will be required to provide two types of warranty documents: the manufacturer’s warranty and the roofer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is issued by the manufacturer and it covers you for damage resulting from manufacturing problems in the materials that you have used, while the roofer’s warranty is provided by the roofer who worked on your project and it covers you in the case of problems resulting from improper handling and installation of the construction materials. Most manufacturers of roofing materials allow only roofers that have obtained the manufacturer’s certificate such as to handle their materials – if you hire a roofer who is not allowed to work with such materials, you can loose the warranty on your roof altogether or at least you will be faced with a lengthy and costly procedure of proving proper handling.