Main Things You Should Know The roof is one of the elements of our homes that we often don’t pay enough attention to. A reliable and well-designed roofing and gutter system will often prevent rainwater and excessive heat and cold from affecting any other part of your home, so that all other areas are adequately protected, and you won’t, for example, need as much wall insulation or products such as expensive weatherproof siding.   To know how to check your roof for damage and do the maintenance work required to keep the whole system in good working order, you need to know a few things about how it actually works.   The part of the roof you normally see is just the tip of the iceberg. The shingles or tiles are supported by nails or adhesives, and are sometimes reinforced by roof coating to ensure that the whole installation is weatherproofed. Moreover, it is the flashing that truly keeps bad weather at bay, since it covers all the gaps and prevents water from seeping through the roof to the underlayment, decking and attic.   The decking and underlayment are the deeper layers of your roof. Damage in these areas will require serious repairs, which is why it’s important for ventilation and attic insulation to be used properly. Failure to do so would allow moisture to affect the decking, which would severely impair its structural integrity.   To make sure everything is in good order, call your local Bentonville roofing contractor as soon as you notice temperature differences and unexplained moisture in the attic. If the ventilation problem can be addressed quickly, then your roof’s decking should remain strong.