Advantages Richardson Roofing Products   A lot of people these days prefer to ignore the potential and quality of a wooden roof. And it’s true, wood has a lot of possible issues: it can attract pests, rot more easily due to water damage, and sustain severe damage when there’s a fire. However, you’ll find as you do a bit of research on them, that wood roofs have a lot going for them as well:  
  • The durability of a wooden roof is well-known. Wood shakes can typically last for more than 3-4 decades, and when wood is combined with other materials and coatings, it can last even longer.
  • Wood is quite sturdy, so your shakes or shingles won’t crumble so easily under hail damage or even under water damage over the long haul.
  • When you have a wood roof installed, it offers you one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing set of options for custom styling. Available in a variety of colors and textures, wood roofs have the possibility to enchant you and your household, and let’s face it: even with all the various materials that can mimic wood, such as metal, you can’t really get the genuine feel and appearance that you would get from an authentic wooden roof.  When looking for the right roofing product be sure to check locally with Richardson Roofing.