Long lasting Roofing Companies Roofing Materials Are you interested in using the most well-designed and durable roofing materials on the market? The following choices are generally considered to be the best in the durability department, some of them even showing additional qualities, such as being energy efficient or extremely stylish:  
  • One of the best choices you can make for long term roofing is to get a metal roof. Steel and copper roofing are the two best choices, requiring less maintenance and being more energy-efficient than other types of roofing. They area also able to last for more than half a century without needing any serious repairs done by Fort Smith roofing companies in most cases.
  • Concrete and terracotta clay also lasts a long time. In fact, a good clay roof has been known to last for over a century, as long as it’s well-built and properly maintained.
  • Finally, slate is the best material to use if what you’re looking for is extreme longevity. Even though it’s also arguably the most expensive roofing material currently on the market, natural slate can last for well over 100 years, being rated at more than 150 years on average. In a few cases, some old slate roofs have been known to last for more than four centuries.