The gutter system is an important component on any house, just ask any of the Bentonville roofing companies with experience – the pipes installed under the roof have the role of directing rain water and melted snow away from the building, thus preventing water damage. Gutter pipes can perform well only if the way of the water that flows through them is unobstructed and the best way of assuring that is by installing leaf guards on the pipes – here are the most important benefits offered by these efficient, simple and inexpensive additions: No More Having To Clean Out Leaves
  • Preventing gutter clogging – leaf guards are inserts installed inside or on top of the gutters that prevent leaves and other type of debris such as dust, stones and twigs to settle inside the pipes and to obstruct the way of the water inside the gutter pipes.
  • Preventing nesting – birds and rodents love gutters and they often lay their nests inside the pipes, especially during dry spells. Leaf guards occupy the inside of the pipes or work as a filter on the top, so animals cannot find their way into the pipes.
  • Easier cleaning – leaf guards are easy to clean.
  • Improved gutter health – leaf guards prevent water ponding and debris deposits, therefore they make the gutters more resistant to corrosion and rusting, thus prolonging the life of your gutters.