Roofing Damage Roofing Companies Next Steps Are you afraid your roof might be damaged? If you notice roof damage or you suspect that the leak in your attic has to do with roofing problems that have to be addressed as soon as possible, consider following these steps:  
  1. Start by properly assessing the situation. Where is the damage located and what is the nature of the problem? To answer these questions, you might need to get some proper safety gear, such as a sturdy ladder and a harness, and climb up to inspect the roof yourself. Alternatively, you can always hire a local roofing service to do a thorough inspection instead.
  2. Once you find out what the problem is, you have to find the right roofer for the job. If the roofer who did the inspection can do it, then you’re in luck. Otherwise, you’ll have to do some research and make some phone calls to see which of the roofing experts in your area is able to handle the situation.
  3. Meet up with your roofer, and assess the problem, then inquire about the solution they have available. In some cases, the project might stretch out for several days, and in others, they will recommend that you rather replace your roof instead of repairing it. In any case, you need to ask Fayetteville roofing companies for a written estimate and make sure you inquire and do further research to get a second opinion as well.