DIY Roofing Repairs Or Professional Roofig Company Many homeowners prefer to take the DIY approach when it comes to small repairs, including to the roof. If the problem is minor (dirt clogging the gutters, a few misplaced shingles, removing moss, etc.) you can perform the repair without being a qualified roofer.  If it is a bigger job, call on companies like Richardson Roofing Of Arkansas to do the job safely and professionally.   However, you will need a few items to keep you safe during the operation:  
  1. A Stepladder
Ideally, you should use a stepladder, because it offers maximum stability as you go up and down the roof. However, stepladders are a good choice only for single storey homes. If you have a second floor, you may have to use a regular ladder. In this case, you should have a friend or family member holding it firmly in position from the ground for more stability.  
  1. Rubber Soled Shoes
Mountain boots are a good choice of footwear for DYI roof repairs. They are designed to offer a good grip even on uneven and slanted terrain – and this is what your roof is. If you don’t have such boots, look for a pair of shoes with rubber sole. The shoe must be a perfect fit to offer you stability, neither too large, nor too small.  
  1. Harness
Despite the precautions above, you should also wear a harness attached to the roof or to a nearby solid tree. Accidents can happen no matter how careful you are. With a harness, you will minimize your injuries and prevent causing further damage to the roof as you slide off it.