How To Choose From Different Colors For Roofing If you are planning a roof replacement and you are currently in the process of picking the best roof color, here are a few tips to make it all easier for you:
  • Consider using the same color as your old roof – take a look at your building trying to ignore the signs of damage on your old roof and evaluate the color only. Figure out if you like it, if it works well with the other colors on your home exterior – if the answer is yes, pick a similar color for your new roof, too;
  • Pick a color that contrasts the other hues on your home exterior – this solution can create a dramatic look, but avoid colors that are too harsh;
  • Consider the architectural features of your building – some building styles limit the roof colors that can be used. Classic deign calls for soft, earth colors, while modern architecture can work well with bolder color choices as well;
  • Energy efficiency – darker shades absorb radiant heat, while lighter colors reflect it. You color choice can improve or decrease your home’s overall energy-efficiency, ask the Fayetteville roofing contractor in your area for samples;
  • Look at the roofs in the neighborhood for inspiration – the colors used on the buildings in your neighborhood can inform you about the color range that you should look at when you pick the color for your roof, too.