Roof Shingles Damaged In Need of Repair Any house is going to need roof repairs and even a new roof after a period. A faulty installation would be the cause of many problems to come and every residential owner wants to avoid this – and for good reasons!  The key is to choose good roofing contractor, with great reputation and committed to provide quality services, sign a contract once you talked and agreed on its terms and keep a close eye on the roof project`s development. Choosing one of the reliable Fayetteville roofing companies to service your roof is something to do only after you went through a few stages:
  1. Check the roofer’s ratings and reviews
With a simple search, you can find several websites that provide valuable information to consumers. Some of them have rating system that can help you determine whether a roofer started and completed the project promptly, provide fair estimates and good advice on costs and options etc. Other websites provide you customer complaints records and reviews.
  1. Check if the contractor is registered with the Department of Labor in your state
  2. Ask for proof of insurance (a liability policy as well as worker`s compensation are a must)
  3. Ask about the types of warranty that you are going to get. You should receive a warranty on workmanship and another for the materials, but in some cases, you should also be able to supplement warranties in order to get better protection.