Helpful Tips For Maintaining A Good Roof

Keeping your gutters clean during the winter is essential for preventing water damage to your walls and your basement when the snow starts to melt and needs to be directed away from your building. Some of the tasks related to maintaining gutters clean are done in fall, before the snow comes, while others are done on the snow – here is how to make sure your gutters are perfectly functional when you need them most:

  • Clean and check the gutters before winter – remove twigs, dried leaves, animal nests, whatever debris you find in the pipes, then inspect the pipes for damage and fix whatever you can before the first snow;
  • Install gutter guards – these simple devices have been invented to keep debris away from the pipes, preventing gutter clogging by letting only water through;
  • Install a de-icer on the gutters – de-icers are electric devices that prevent the formation of ice dams on the side of the gutter pipes and eliminate snow and ice from inside the pipes as well;
  • Sweep you gutters – go outside after each heavy snowfall and use a roof rake or a broom on a long stick to sweep off the snow from the gutters, even if you have gutter protection installed. Gutter sweeping is not only great exercise, but also a great way to relieve your gutters and to ensure their work properly. Professional roofing companies like Richardson Roofing provide all these services.