Roofing Contractor Services Replacing A Roof Shingle Whether or not you’re tech savvy, it’s important not to ignore certain requirements regarding DIY roofing. Even if you already know all you need to know about replacing a basic asphalt shingle on your own, there are still certain safety related concerns and details that most experts will point your attention to.   One of them is the use of a proper harness while you work on your roof. Many homeowners consider that having a ladder and some good boots should be enough. However, you never know when you might slip or something can cause you to lose balance, so a harness should be considered a mandatory safety prop.   Another thing to remember is to examine the problem as thoroughly as possible. In some cases, the damage goes deeper than just the surface shingles, and in others, it might require additional work as well, such as having some of your flashing replaced or dealing with ventilation problems.   If you’re not overly certain that replacing the asphalt shingles you want to replace will completely solve your problems, or if you want a specialist’s opinion just to be sure, consider contacting one of your local Fort Smith roofing contractor services and asking for a detailed roof inspection and estimate.