Do You Have The Right Roofing Tools The list of tools used in different stages of roofing is quite extensive, but it is advisable to know what is basically needed for a DIY roof repair. Generally, the tools you need are divided into the following categories: Protection equipment Prior to start working on your roof, you must take all precautionary measures to secure your workplace and ensure that you are safe working at height. You must assess fall hazards by using secured ladders, harnesses, non-slippery shoes and other accessories. Tools for performing the actual work
  • Hammer tacker – used to staple, quickly and easily, protective layers on the top of the wooden sheathing, to secure your home from water leaks and increase your roof`s fire resistance
  • Power Nailer – also known as a nail gun, it is used to drive nails in tight places, very precisely and effortlessly
  • Tin Snips – a tool that helps you cut metal sheets
  • Chalk Line – a tool that allows you to align shingles and install them symmetrically
  • Roof Utility Knife – used for shingle-cutting procedures
Besides these tools, you might also want to consider a magnetic sweeper, for doing the clean-up once you finish working on your roof.  This tool will help you collect and dispose stray nails that will likely be all over the place, including in your garden, where you definitely do not want them.  If you decide the job is too big, or you don’t have all the right tools, call on roofing professionals at to do it for you.