roofing company top 5 roof damage causes For a healthy building infrastructure, you need a roof in very good shape. However, a roof is a very exposed element that can be damaged by many factors: accidents, in the short run, and consequences of the exposure to the elements, in the long run. No roof is infallible, regardless the materials it is made from or its stability. Some roofs are simply more durable than others, but the main causes of damage are pretty much the same:
  • Lack of regular maintenance
Poor roof maintenance shortens the life of a roof, by ignoring problems that could have been repaired easily, at the right time.
  • Wind damage
Strong winds can weaken and even blow off shingles and other roof elements and accessories, threatening its overall stability.
  • Other extreme weather conditions
The roof can also become vulnerable because of heavy rain falls, exposure to UV rays, hail, snow accumulation and ice formation.
  • Improper installation
No matter how durable is the type of roof you choose, if it is not installed properly, you will not get the expected benefits, on the contrary. To ensure that your roof is stable and free of installation faults, make sure you hire a contractor that is licensed, ensured, experienced and able to provide warranties such as