Insight Roofing Contractor Products Reflective roof paint is actually not paint, but a type of flexible, durable coating used for enhancing the roof’s ability to reflect solar heat. Reflective coatings are usually applied on low-pitched or flat roofs by a licensed Fayetteville roofing contractor. They are most commonly thicker than paint and they bring numerous benefits beside reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof – here are some:
  • Resistance to ponding water – one of the most common faults developed by flat and low-rising roofs is the leaks caused by ponding water. Rainwater and melted snow tend to collect on the surface of these roofs, eroding the material exposed to the excessive moisture. Reflective roof coatings seal the roof surface, preventing the damage caused by the pools of water, prolonging the roof’s life and reducing the amount of repairs needed as well;
  • Improved resistance to foot traffic – reflective coatings strengthen the surfaces they are applied on, making them safer to walk on;
  • Efficient thermal barriers – reflective roof coatings also insulate the top of the buildings to a certain extent, reducing the amount of energy exchanged between the interior and the exterior. This isolating effect can reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling the building in summer.