Fort Smith Roofing System Companies An extensive roof repair or roof replacement project is an excellent opportunity to upgrade some components of your roof. There are many such upgrades that are minor and affordable, yet make a huge difference in terms of your roof’s efficiency and reliability – here are some:
  • Installing airtight chimney caps – chimneys are sturdy, durable constructions, but they also need to be protected from excessive moisture as well as from critters that build nests inside them. Modern chimney caps can be opened and shut manually, from inside the room with the fireplace whenever you need;
  • Installing roof vents – having proper ventilation is essential for the durability and health of your roof. If your roof currently has no vents, have one installed at the bottom of the structure for letting air in and another one close to the roof ridge for air evacuation, that way you will not have to worry about condensation in the attic and it will also improve your home’s overall energy efficiency;
  • Installing gutter screens – these half-tubes or brush-like items go into the gutter pipes and prevent the accumulation debris and the gutter damage caused by clogging. Many of the Fort Smith roofing companies offer gutter services and products that they install.  Like the gutters that have no screens, your gutter guards will also need regular cleaning, but they will protect the health and the efficiency of your gutters.