Tips To Finding A Roof LeakRoofing leaks might be easy to locate on the ceiling – the damp or wet patch is impossible to miss –, but the source of the leak can be much more difficult to locate. Here are a few tips to help you find even the most insidious cause that has led to leaks in your home:
  • Check your attic soon after the rain – the best time to check the attic for dampness or for wet spots is right after the rain. Your attic should be a dry place even when it rains, so the best time of locating the spot that causes problems is right after the rain, when the path of the unwanted water is the most conspicuous;
  • If the roof has already dried, use a garden hose to simulate rain – apply a generous amount of water on the roof in the area where you suspect the issue to be located in, then go to the attic and check it the same way as recommended for checks done immediately after the rain;
  • Examine the roof section that might have let water seep through – you will probably find at least one damaged component, such as one or several chipped, cracked or broken tile or damaged shingles in the suspected area.  A roof inspection by a Fayetteville roofing contractor can be revealing too.