Reflective roofs are considered the tools of the future when it comes to sustainable and responsible roof construction. Whether you plan to replace the old roof at your home, or build a large commercial building, the use of a cool, reflective roofing system has become indispensable in areas where the weather gets hot enough in the summer.   Most reflective roofing surfaces are also an integral part in cool roof design. Cool roofing systems are made to ensure that the UV radiation from the sun isn’t absorbed into the roof and, therefore, it doesn’t reach the attic or your interior walls and ceilings. As a result, utility spending can be cut down, and your home is much more comfortable to live in.   Since a large portion of the heat that comes from the sun is absorbed by the most typical roofing systems, these also get very hot in the summer. Depending on the materials, that heat can cause severe structural damage to the roof and decking, your Fayetteville roofing companies have roofing product knowledge and should be consulted.   With a cool roof, that’s no longer an issue. If you opt for reflective roofs, then you no longer have to worry about your roof heating up even when temperatures climb over the 100-degree mark. The roof will simply reflect most of the heat back, so no damage will be done and your roof will keep standing for many decades to come.