Modern roofing material manufacturing technologies have come up with shingle products that provide protection not only against humidity and temperature variations, but against fire as well. If you are looking for fire-retardant shingles to install on your home or on your commercial building, here are the best materials that you can use:
  • Asphalt reinforced with fiberglass – the material does not ignite and it does not spread fire either, so it is an excellent choice for buildings in fire-prone areas says some of the best Fayetteville roofing companies in town;
  • Metal shingles – made from galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel, these shingles are non-combustible and they do not distribute the fire either. Metal shingles are easy to install as well and they are suitable for any climate;
  • Concrete shingles – these shingles are somewhat heavier than asphalt, therefore they are not suitable for any building, but they have excellent fire-retardant features, too.
Fire-retardant roofing shingles provide excellent protection against fires, but to make the most of them you need to pay attention to the underlayment on which your shingles rest, too. Use fire-retardant materials under the shingles to avoid fire hazards and also pay attention to the environment around the house, inspecting the trees in the area, trimming the branches that can damage your roof and making sure that the house perimeter is free from materials that can catch fire, such as firewood and debris.