Roofing Questions To Ask A thorough roof inspection is often necessary, especially when you just bought a brand new home, and you want to assess the level of damage that the roof has taken over the years. This step can lead to determining the difference between having to get a completely new roof, thus spending thousands of dollars in the process, or just limiting yourself to a couple of hundred dollars worth of repairs.   When the roofers arrive, be ready. Prepare your questions in advance, and ask the appropriate ones before, during and after the roof inspection.   Before the inspection starts, there isn’t much to say. You could ask what the roof inspection might entail and which parts of the house the roofer wants access to (and why).   Ask several Fort Smith roofing companies before hiring them to complete the job.   During the inspection it’s important for you to pay close attention and inquire about the procedure. Ask which areas are being tested and see if you can find out more about the roofing company’s approach when it comes to detecting leaks and other problems. That might come in handy someday!   Finally, most of the questions should be reserved for the end: what is the level of damage, is a roof replacement necessary, how much will you be expected to pay, and how long should the work last once it’s started? Also, and most importantly, ask the company for a written estimate and then prepare to compare it with offers you get from various other contractors, so you can make an informed decision.