All types of roofs are sensitive to hail, but hail damage affects different types of roofs differently, so here are a few of the signs that tell you your roof has sustained hail damage:
  • Asphalt and composite roofs – the signs of damage are the least visible in the case of these two types of roofing. Look for dimples that are soft to the touch and for areas where the surface granules have been displaced or completely ripped off,
  • Wood shingles – look for cracks and for chipped parts around the edges,
  • Metal roofs – round dents and punctures are the most conspicuous signs of hail damage in the case of metal roofs,
  • Tile roofs – roof tiles tend to crack when they get hit by hail stones or you can find tiles with chipped edges. When hail storms are accompanied by harsh winds, you may find that some of your tiles have been swept away by the storm.
When you check your roof for signs of hail damage, take a look not only at the roofing surface, but at other components, such the gutters, the gutter covers, the flashing, the vents and the chimneys – the damage signs on metal components will be the same as in the case of metal roofs.  As you are probably aware, it’s best to have Bentonville roofing experts inspect your roof, as they know exactly what to look for when it comes to hail damage.