Installation of Fiber Cement Siding Fiber cement is a popular material used for siding. It is environmentally friendly, with a composition formed by sand, cement, cellulose fibers and other filings; it does not contain asbestos, formaldehydes, sepiolites and other inorganic fibers, which makes it a perfectly safe material.   It is a great choice of the Fayetteville roofing industry. Fiber cement is a class A1 non-combustible material and, under fire conditions, it does not emit fumes or gases dangerous for humans, it provide protection and limits the fire spreading to other areas. Fiber cement panels are a great material for exterior siding and facade decorations, being extremely resistant to severe weather conditions, freeze-thaw cycles, acid rains, UV rays, insects, etc. The fiber cement panels are dimensionally stable and offer great impact resistance; they are light but rigid and are extremely durable over time, coming with very long warranties. Fiber cement siding provides good thermal and sound insulation. The panels are easy to handle, process and install, and are being used in finished and unfinished forms. The finished form means that the panels can be mass colored, painted with special UV resistant paints, plastered, embossed, printed, punched etc. thus being available in a generous range of textures and colors. Unfinished fiber cement panels must be painted, or they may represent a stable support for other finishes such as ceramics, natural stone, wood, glass etc.