tile roofing company installer When you shop for a new roof, it’s a great idea to consider tile roofing. The configuration of a tile roof is similar to that of a wall made from bricks, where two elements are constantly supporting the third one in the middle. That layout enables both brick walls and tile roofs to be extremely durable and to withstand the test of the elements for many years.   There are quite a few materials to consider for your new tile roof:  
  • Slate roofing systems are probably the best tile roofs you can buy. Although they’re expensive, they will last for more than 100 years and provide you with adequate shelter from the rain and cold.
  • Clay and concrete are great if you want a more affordable but not a lot less durable alternative to slate. These materials are very sturdy, fireproof, weatherproof and heavy enough to withstand wind damage almost perfectly.
  • Metal tiles are somewhat more unique, but they are extremely durable and can also be very affordable. Moreover, metal roofs can be customized to offer excellent curb appeal, which is a great asset if you ever plan to sell your home.
  • Composite roof tiles are varying in prices because they can use a variety of different materials. They are typically known to last between 20 and 35 years, and they represent a more robust alternative to cheap asphalt shingle roofs.  You can check out the site for Fort Smith Roofing Companies for product specifications too!