impact resistant roofing materials for roofing companies Roofs, especially the roofs in geographical regions that get capricious weather and lots of storms, must endure a lot. While most standard roofing materials resist a lot, including heavy rain and snow, most of them are sensitive to impact. Fortunately, modern manufacturing technologies have been developed to increase the impact resistance of roofing materials – here are some of the best options for Fort Smith roofing companies :
  • Impact resistant shingles – these special varieties of asphalt shingles are made from very durable and resistant materials that also undergo extensive impact testing with steel balls dropped ono their surface. Only the shingles that pass the testing are offered for sale;
  • Ceramic tiles and concrete – these roofing materials are among the most resistant to the impact caused by hail or airborne debris, such as tree branches. The materials are heavy, so before investing into clay or concrete tiles, check whether your building can hold the extra weight, but if you get a lot of hail in your area, these materials make excellent options.
In many states, the building owners who decide to install impact resistant materials are eligible for tax credits or other types of incentives, so if you are interested in getting an impact-resistant roof, check the available financial facilities as well.